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Why Cam Sites Make For the Best Amateurs

We know that a lot of you really, really love amateur porn. We do too. There is something quite ‘thrilling’ about watching somebody who is seemingly inexperienced doing the nasty for you. It has a quaint charm to it. If you want the best amateur porn, though, then you are going to need to look into sex cams. Nothing better than a good live stream, and here is why.


When you view live sex cams, you get to interact with the person on camera. If you are willing to give them money, then they are willing to do whatever you want them to do. This could be anything from a titty flash to a bit of bating. It is completely your choice.

You do not get this if you are watching your bog-standard videos on your favorite porn tube site. Seen the video once? Sure, it may be hot the next couple of times that you watch it, but it is not going to change what happens. If you view a cam girl multiple days in a row, she is always going to be putting on a completely different show. It is wonderful.

It is easier to do a cam show than film porn

Anybody with a webcam and a microphone can start up their own cam show. There ain’t no jumping through hoops to do it. If you want to release a porn video on a porn tube site, then you need to jump through hoops. Even those POV shows have a little bit of production behind them. It takes hours.

This, often, means that there are going to be people on cam porn sites that you won’t find anywhere else online. They just can’t be bothered (or have no will) to do any other type of porn.

The Performers Earn Money

We think this is one of the main reasons why you should watch amateurs performing on webcam as opposed to porn tube sites. Most people don’t know this, but it is rare for those who upload their videos to porn tube sites to get money from it. This means they are getting nothing back, despite doing something really fucking hot. With cam porn sites, these girls (and guys) are getting something for sharing their goods with the world. Of course, it only works if you are willing to give them some cash for it!

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Reasons Why Men Love Women with Big Boobs

According to the popular saying, there are two solid parts of a woman’s body which pull more than two carts. This proverb might not be wrong after all. Experts have to say that men have been programmed from the time they breastfeed to have this fixation with female breasts.

However, what science has failed to prove is why men like big breast more than small breasts. There are multiple explanations regarding this and but the evolutionary reason stands out. Over the years, there is this idea that size is a beneficial factor. Nevertheless, it is still a big mystery.

When men choose their partner, they take into account several aspects of their physique, unconsciously. This might be a reason they tend to be attracted to big boobs. Since it is a symbol of fertility, they cannot help but feel an affinity for it. You will always find men watching big boobs videos to satisfy themselves.

The question is what goes on in the mind of men who like big breasts.

The Memory of Their Childhood

During childhood, the happiness of everybody depends on our mother’s breast and this is on an unconscious level. Men have it in their mind that it is because of that they felt safe, happy, and protected. This is a memory that they are going to have forever. An expert has to say that it is because of oxytocin. This is a hormone that is released in the time of lactation. This is a substance which motivates a child to form a union first with the mother and then with the breasts. This obsession remains and is integrated into him as a human being.  

Symbol of Fertility

Big hips and big boobs is a symbol of fertility when it comes to the female body. The size of these two shows the ability of women to care for their child and breastfeed. Even though it is an obsolete thought as it has been demonstrated that the size of hips and breasts doesn’t have anything to do with fertility. It is just engraved in the belief that our society harbors which definitely has to change.


As per our ancestors, firm and large breasts makes a woman fit and healthy. They are able to reproduce equally strong. The growth of it serves as a mark of the end of childhood and the inception of adolescence. This is the time women are all ready to reproduce. Luckily, this kind of affirmation is history and breast size make women unique and beautiful.

The Unanswered Question

Albeit, there has been a significant investigation which explains the affinity men have for this part of the female body, there is no definite answer as to why. However, the above theories might make things a bit clear. However, on a deeper level, things are much more complicated than this. Keep in mind that taste can break genres and if you find men who like big breasts; you will find another who likes smaller ones.

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